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 The Black Crest Reborn Chapter 1

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Destroyer of Worlds and Spam

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PostSubject: The Black Crest Reborn Chapter 1   Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:45 pm

Written by ArcanaForce0
Proofread/Edited by Nico Robin

CHAPTER 1: Imprisonment

Darkness. Blackened walls lit only by dim flames upon the halls of misery and pain. The Ezinian maximum security prison, Halcyon Lobby, where the worst of the worst prisoners of Planet Ezin are held, having both humanoid and inhuman creatures in cages as far as the eye can see down into the darkness. Savages howl through the chambers… interrupted by a familiar sound – footsteps. Four sets of legs marched through the prison. The loud prisoners grew quiet in fear of the man in front of the convoy. The Warden, Asteil Talon, known in the prison as “The Master of Hell”. Talon marched proudly before the prisoners he considers his slaves, strutting in his feathered cloak made from a gryphon that he himself slayed. Talon pulled a chain attached to the man directly behind him, a man dressed in white rags, head covered and bent downwards. The prisoner could hear laughter behind him. Was he being mocked by another prisoner? He looked behind to see one of the two guards laughing at him. The guard dressed in a red and black robe and wore a hat with bells on it. His face painted white with red lines. He is a guard known only as Dejano, a clown-like guard with no known origins. His real name remains a mystery. Beside Dejano was another guard, a woman with blue hair and a red dress. Around her waist, a whip encircled her like a belt. She was the known as “The Maiden” by the female-deprived prisoners, but her real name is Hana. Like Dejano, not much is known about her. At the end of the hallway, a special cell waited. A sign wrote “Medical Ward” over its door. The prisoner’s white cloak was stained with blood at the elbow, dripping onto the floor. The door opened. The prisoner looked blankly into the murky, off-white room. The light flickered dimly. The Warden, Talon, pushed the prisoner into the room and slammed the door. The prisoner looks at the operation table against the wall to the left of him. Blood covered the table, walls, and floors, as if several operations had been conducted without being cleaned. Footsteps crept up to the door in the back. The door slowly opened as a creepy man sulked into the room. He wore a white, blood-stained lab coat, white leather gloves, bleached pants, and black rubber shoes. He had purple hair, with some silver that showed his age. A scar covered his ominous eyes. Stiches easily visible the whole way down.

“So, another patient…” the doctor wickedly blurted.

“No, I’m fine, I made a mistake,” the prisoner quickly remarked, as he turned around. He fumbled to open the door, immediately realizing that it was locked. In Halcyon Lobby, it is rumored that if one goes to the medical ward, you do not return.

“Of course they lock the doors,” the doctor sneered at the prisoner, “it would be easy to cause trouble if you ran loose out there.” The doctor approached the prisoner, grabbing his injured arm. The prisoner shrieked as he tugged it forward for a closer look.

“Fine, huh?” the doctor laughed as he tore his cloak, “a stab wound… I need to close it up, now sit down.”

The doctor pushed the prisoner onto the table. The prisoner looked under him to see that from sitting on the table, blood seeped into his cloak. The doctor turned around and fumbled through a drawer full of tools.

“Are you always this rough with patients?” the prisoner asked the doctor. After asking, the doctor pulled out a large scalpel, turning towards the prisoner.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“Why do you need that?” the prisoner yelled as he moved back in shock.

“Huh?” the doctor pondered as he looked at his reflection in the blade, “oh, sorry, I’m used to reaching for this.”

“Hey! I’m starting to wonder how legal you are.”

“This won’t hurt… too much. Just be glad you’re getting medical treatment at all.” The doctor took out a needle and began to weave the wound closed. “So, while I’m doing this, why don’t you tell me how you got in here?”

“Well, I am a sort of famous bandit,” he looked down, relieved at how painless the stitching was, “my name is Hejigonne Freed.”

“Ah, so you’re Heji. I heard you were in here.” The doctor shook his head.

“Well, I guess I don’t really need to explain what it is that I do then. I’m…”

“…a petty thief, who only became popular because of how hard he was to catch, no major heists.”

“Nothing major that the public know about, at least… I did steal something pretty big, though.” Hejigonne pulled the collar around his neck, showing it to him.

“You stole a necklace?” the doctor began to chuckle.

“No, not the necklace… do you know what this necklace is?”

The doctor smirked at the simplicity of the question, “It’s a Mana-Drainer.”

“The reason why they slapped this thing on me is because I tested positive for having a Mana Blood-Fusion.”

“So, you’re a mana user, then?”

“I stole a mana orb from my home village. This mana orb was supposed to be given to Cyrus Black.”

“You stole from the Black Family?” asked the doctor, appearing to be slightly surprised.

Hejigonne sneered, under the assumption that he had the doctor impressed.

“Lame,” the doctor then emotionlessly stated as he turned his head away from Hejigonne.

“How’s that lame?”

“You’ve had such little impact on the world.”

“Oh, so you think your better?” Hejigonne asked, “So, what is it that you’ve done to affect the world.”

“My name is Dr. Vinous Gromm.”

Silence… Hejigonne was speechless at hearing that name he had heard many times in his life.

“Dr. … Dr. … Gromm?” Hejigonne intently replied, “No… you can’t be, why would you be here? Aren’t you… dead?”

“I may as well be… you do not leave Halcyon Lobby once your admitted here.”

“But… all those lives you’ve saved… doesn’t that…?”

“Since when does any good deed save you in this universe? I saved billions of lives, yet a single life seems to throw the balance away.”

“Wait, you killed a man?”

“No, nature killed the man. I was just unable to do anything about it.”

“Wait, you can’t be imprisoned for not being able to cure someone.”

“You can when it’s the King’s son.”

“The King’s son? You mean… Prince Devin?”

“Everyone always assumes that my healing abilities are superior, almost to the point of even being godlike… he over reacted and threw me in here.” Outside of the room where they were, a large bang echoed.

“What was that?” Hejigonne busted out in surprise. Sirens flared as prisoners started yelling. “What in the… what’s going on out there?”


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PostSubject: Re: The Black Crest Reborn Chapter 1   Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:47 pm

Thats a very good story i can't wait for the other parts you got me on the edge!
10/10 for Awsomeness =)
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The Black Crest Reborn Chapter 1

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