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Lightsworn Star01
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Lightsworn _
PostSubject: Lightsworn   Lightsworn Icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 5:53 pm


1x Aurkus, lightsworn druid
2x celestia, lightsworn angel
1x garoth, lightsworn warrior
2x gragonith, lightsworn dragon
2x jaiin, lightsworn paladin
2x jenis, lightsworn mender
2x lyla, lightsworn sorceress
1x lumina, lightsworn summoner
2x rinyan, lightsworn rogue
3x wulf, lightsworn beast
3x ryko, lightsworn hunter
1x shire, lightsworn spirit
2x judgment dragon
1x plaguepreader zombie

1x charge of the light brigade
1x foolish burial
3x solar recharge
1x swords of revealing light


1x gravity bind
2x dark bribe
1x solomn judgment
1x magic cylinder
1x magic drain
1x mirror force
1x royal decree
1x wall of revealing light


1x black rose dragon
1x ancient fairy dragon
2x avenging knight parshath
1x colossal fighter
1x brionac, dragon of the ice barrier
1x goyo guardian
1x gaia knight, the force of the earth
2x light end dragon
1x red dragon archfiend
1x stardust dragon
1x Xsaber urbellum
1x thought ruler archfiend
1x magical android

if there are any trap or spell cards that could make this deck better pls suggest them
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Lightsworn Star01
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PostSubject: Re: Lightsworn   Lightsworn Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 12:27 am

-1x Aurkus, lightsworn druid - side deck material
-2x gragonith, lightsworn dragon - not used even since released
-2x jenis, lightsworn mender - same as above
-2x rinyan, lightsworn rogue - same as above
-1x wulf, lightsworn beast - this new format is alot slower, 3 wulf would be dead draw, it was a already a bit of a problem with three wulf in the old format already
-1x ryko, lightsworn hunter - flip effects are often slower, so 2 is good enough, 3 is dead draw because u might not always use it
-1x shire, lightsworn spirit - useless card

-1x foolish burial - your choice, i wouldn't use it, magical merchant has alot better milling power
-1x swords of revealing light - not the most useful card as single copy cards are meaningless in a lightsworn deck because they will get milled

-1x gravity bind
-2x dark bribe
-1x solomn judgment
-1x magic cylinder
-1x magic drain
-1x mirror force
-1x royal decree
-1x wall of revealing light
lightsworns barely need any traps, just saying, plus these traps aren't the most useful traps either

what you need
2-3 magical merchant - best solution to milling speed, not the best, but most practical as u get the spells and traps, and they won't be milled away, merchant sworn is probably one the best pure lightsworn decks around now
1-2X dandylion, with honest semi limited, and necro gardna limited, you NEED some defense, this card gives you two tokens for tributing and synchro whenever it is sent to the grave from whereever
necro gardna - when you play a milling deck like lightsworn, and it is also graveyard dependent, you need something like this, even though its limited, it is still too good to not use
2 honest - deck full of light monster, nuff said
spore-i never used it, but if u decided to run 2 dandy, use it by all means, but lightsworn never had the synching power, so use it at your own descretion
1-2 d.d. crow - i know, so many people say it is side deck material, but no, every deck i dueled used some sort of graveyard effects
chaos sorcerer- pure lightsworn is not possible anymore to compete in the top or even second tier (maybe), so by adding some dark monsters, it runs much more smoothly
tragodeia and gorz -yup, your ultimate defense
1-3 caius-u got dandy, you got plague, why not this, celestia is too slow now since you HAVE to have a lightsworn on the field, and caius can be popped out of no where, i dont run celestia anymore

the staples: brain control, heavy storm, mst, book of moon, smashing ground, etc, how can you now have these?
trunade, cold wave: with stralight road and bottomless running around, trunade and cold wave will save your butt when you land your judgement and heavy storm
1-2 monster reincarnation: dump your dead draws and get judgement back, nuff said
really that's it, not a whole lot of spells and traps, you need the whole lot of monsters, and a lightsworn deck use the monsters to get through

all you need: 1-2 beckoning light, all light-base, 25+ monsters, what is better?
if u insist on traps :mirror force, bottomless, d prison, that's dont add anymore

your deck should be around 40-44 cards, mine has 40, the old lightsworn had 44, but the slower milling makes 40 the best option, i rarely got below 15 cards left

those cards i suggested are the essential cards you shoul add to a new format pure lightsworn style, there are tons of other variations, hope it helped

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Lightsworn Star01
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Age : 22

Lightsworn _
PostSubject: Re: Lightsworn   Lightsworn Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 11:53 am

yeah it helps i kind of throw the deck together because i have been using Immortal LS so i made this for a normal LS wall of revealing light and gravity bind were for a stall eff until i got JD on the field. royal decree was there to stop bottomless trap hole(RFG's JD upon summoning) and divine wrath(destroys JD upon eff use). your suggestions will help make the deck a lot better. thanks
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Lightsworn _
PostSubject: Re: Lightsworn   Lightsworn Icon_minitime

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